About--Tumanjo the online store for buying real estate, interiors, properties etc

About Tumanjo

Tumanjo is a top-notch real estate market in Nigeria. We offer a wide range of real estate properties and products at the best prices. We are driven by the desire to make these products easily accessible and available to our customer base.

Tumanjo is your one-stop-shop for everything real estate

We have designed a simple way for players in the Nigerian real estate industry to find and purchase whatever they need to build outstanding structures and create luxurious interior spaces either for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. 

Tumanjo is the best place to find anything you need to build or own a property. 

We have a vast category of products including Land, Construction materials (Granite, Sand, Cement, and Rods), Properties ( duplexes, flats, and offices), Interior Décor products ( Furniture, lighting, beddings, etc), Toilet and Bathroom wares, Security doors and other products relevant in the real estate market.

With Tumanjo, you can build to last

Our products are of distinguished quality and crafted to maintain sustainability. This is why the slogan - build to last, is at the core of our identity. We ensure that a quality check is performed on every product we sell. So whether you are building a structure, designing a space, or investing in real estate, there is a guarantee that you get the value for your money.

Why Choose Us

The Tumanjo workforce is passionate about customer satisfaction and convenience.

We will only present the best offers to you. We believe that the Real Estate Market in Nigeria can only get better and we are excited about helping you get valuable offers. We are always available to provide the information you need to make the best buying decisions.

We place emphasis on the quality of our product and ensure that you have a seamless transaction. We also implemented a delivery policy that focuses on your convenience so you get what you ordered whenever and wherever you need it.

Why Choose Us

The Tumanjo workforce is passionate about customer satisfaction and convenience.